DIY ‘Downton Abbey’ tour: Free map to 70 filming locations in Britain

Highclere Castle, the stand-in for the famous fictional estate featured in "Downton Abbey."

Highclere Castle, the stand-in for the famous fictional estate featured in “Downton Abbey.”

(Bethany Clarke / For The Times)

“Downton Abbey” may be in its final TV season, but the fantastic locations where the Crawleys’ larger-than-life dramas played out live on.

Everyone knows that Highclere Castle in Newbury, West Berkshire, is the stand-in for the family’s estate, and it has exploded in popularity since the PBS series started in 2010.

Highclere is pretty much closed to tours until spring, but there are 70 more locations around Britain where the period drama was filmed and are worthy of visiting.

For example, last season, Lady Mary dumped Lord Gillingham near the Peter Pan Statue in London’s Kensington Gardens. And historic Lancaster House, also in London, provided the glam stand-in for Buckingham Palace in the 2013 Christmas episode.


Going farther afield, Coggs Manor Farm in Oxfordshire is the site of the notorious pig farm where Lady Edith stashed her daughter Marigold until the child was brought to the family home.

For more ideas on an itinerary, check out the Ultimate Map of “Downton Abbey” Filming Locations that was developed by the website

It’s easy to follow, comes with a top 10 list of filming locations (lots of castles) and may provide just the inspiration you need to wander into the countryside on your next trip to London.

Info: Ultimate Map of “Downton Abbey” Filming Locations



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