That glass bridge in China that scared the socks off visitors? It cracked

China’s glass bridge

A tourist walks across the glass bridge in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in central China before one of its panel’s shattered.

(Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images)

Call it the crack heard round the world. The glass bridge suspended more than 590 feet in the air in one of China's national parks cracked last week and was closed for repairs.

Dozens of people were on the suspension bridge, called Haohan Qiao, or "Brave Man's Bridge," in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park on Oct. 5 when a panel of glass shattered, the New York Times reports. The tourist attraction opened Sept. 20.

Chinese officials say tourists on the bridge were never in any danger, according to the story. They say "only one of three layers of glass" in the walkway shattered. They didn't say why the panel cracked.

Still, posts on the Chinese social media site Weibo said some visitors were scared.

"When I was almost at the end (of the bridge) there was a sudden loud bang and a tremor beneath my feet," one woman said in a Washington Post story.

Photos of the shattered panel on Weibo turned up on Twitter too.

China's bridge isn't the only one to suffer a crack. Last year, a pane of a glass walkway at London's Tower Bridge was smashed after a tourist dropped a bottle of beer. No one was hurt in the incident, and the walkway remained open.


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