Name a ship and you could win a coastal tour of Norway

Hurtigruten's Kong Harald (King Harald) ship in Harstad, Norway.

Hurtigruten’s Kong Harald (King Harald) ship in Harstad, Norway.

(Wikimedia Commons)

What would you name a Norwegian small ship? Hurtigruten, which has been sailing along the coast of Norway for the last 120 years, wants to know.

The company is asking folks to name its newest ship, which is to begin sailing in the autumn of 2016. There are two rules: It must begin with MS and must be a Norwegian word or derived from one.

It also needs to work with the current naming structure of other ships, which include natural phenomena (MS Nordlys, for example, means Northern lights), places on the itineraries (such as the MS Trollfjord) or the names of famous people (such as Norway’s King Harald).

If you come up with a suitable name, you and a friend or relative will be invited for a special sailing on the new ship, temporarily named the MS Norway Explorer, which will carry up to 320 guests on its voyages (Hurtigruten avoids the word “cruise”).


The contest has drawn two comments on Hurtigruten’s Facebook page so far:

“I would name your ship ‘MS NØRDSTRØM’ ” Eddie McHugh wrote.

“Name her MS Ran to honour the Norse Goddess of the Sea,” Candy Manuel said.

If you have an idea for a name, enter it here before Aug. 10.



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