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Columbus Day, Latin style

Bolivians take part in the VivAmerica Festival in Madrid, Spain, as part of the festivities surrounding Oct. 12, the national holiday that marks the day Cristopher Columbus set foot in the Americas. More than 20 Latin American countries were represented. (Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EPA)
Ecuadorian dancers take part in the festivities, which also featured the music, film and art of various Latin cultures. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
The Spanish royal family reviews a military parade marking the nation’s celebration of its discovery of the Americas. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
Bolivian dancers take part in the VivAmerica parade. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
Colorful swirls light up an Ecuadorian performance. (Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EPA)
The cultures of more than 20 Latin American countries was on vivid display at Madrid’s VivAmerica celebration. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
Jet fighters fly over the Spanish capital during a military parade. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
South American musicians strum and sing. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
Spanish soldiers mark the national holiday. During the military parade, Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was jeered and booed in the traditionally right-wing capital. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
Spanish soldiers and their mascot make their way along the parade. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)
An Ecuadorian dancer displays traditional face paint. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou AFP/Getty Images)