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Coventry, England

At the altar of the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in England is an inscription that reads “Father Forgive.” The cathedral was bombed on Nov. 14, 1940. (Eric Lucas)
The old and new Coventry Cathedral stand in stark contrast to each other. Germans lent assistance to help build the new church as a gesture of unity and peace. (Richard Klune / Corbis)
The Whittle Arches in Coventry celebrate Sir Frank Whittle, a British Royal Air Force officer who shared credit with Germany’s Hans von Ohain for inventing the jet engine. Whittle was born in Coventry. (Wikipedia)
The Whittle Arches create an eye-catching silhouette in Coventry. (Visit
A mother and daughter view the statue of Reconciliation at the ruins of Coventry Cathedral. (Eric Lucas)
A bird’s-eye view of Coventry, England, home to the cathedral and parishioners who donated money to help rebuild Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany. (Visit
A lone figure stands amid the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in 1940, two days after a German bombing raid destroyed the building. The new church, built next to the ruins, is now the home of the Community of the Cross of Nails, dedicated to international reconciliation; parishioners hope to open a world center devoted to forgiveness and peace in 2012. (Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS)