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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Traffic flows in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Dubai, a glittering capital of consumerism, has opened its Shopping Festival, which attracts millions of people every year to its spectacular malls and shops. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
The Sheikh Zayed Road into sleek, modern Dubai. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
The Persian Gulf emirate’s waterfront bustles. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
The opulent, towering lobby of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. (Jumeirah Group)
One of the premier shopping centers in Dubai is the sprawling, luxe Mall of the Emirates. (Corbis)
Covered in traditional dress, women shop at the Mall of the Emirates. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
Visitors to the Mall of the Emirates take a break from shopping at a cocktail lounge-restaurant with a view of Ski Dubai, a mall attraction. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
Skiers at the indoor ski park, Ski Dubai, at the Mall of the Emirates test the artificial slopes. (Charles Crowell / Bloomberg News)
Dancers from a Russian troupe perform inside floating bubbles at a celebration in Dubai for the Feast of Sacrifice. (Karim Sahib / AFP / Getty Images)
The Sheik Zayed towers serve as a backdrop for golfers competing in a round of the Dubai Ladies Masters tournament. (Kamran Jebreili / Associated Press)