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McGrath State Beach

CHILD’S PLAY: McGrath State Beach near Oxnard has 174 ocean-adjacent campsites, as well grassy areas for tossing a ball or having a picnic. But leave your kite at home — it upsets the least terns, which are among the many bird species here. (Scott Doggett / For the Times)
FAMILY FRIENDLY: McGrath’s campsites are a popular destination for families, especially on the weekends, so book ahead. (Scott Doggett / For the Times)
AMERICAN BITTERN: A heron with cravings for crayfish. (Bill Adams / For the Times)
WESTERN SNOWY PLOVER: About the size of a sparrow. (Bill Adams / For the Times)
BLACK-NECKED STILT: A long bill and long legs for marshy areas. (Bill Adams / For the Times)