KLM asks: Want to pick seatmates by their Facebook profiles?

Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

KLM will roll out a “meet and seat” feature next year, the airline announced last week. Media reports say the service would allow KLM passengers to pick seatmates by checking out social media profiles of fellow passengers who link to their profiles during check-in.

Details on the plan are scant, according to tnooz, which notes: “Of course, passengers don’t have to link up their profiles if they’re not interested but what if they play along and end up with someone who just wants to make a sales pitch?” Or someone who blathers on about Farmville?

A company called Planely that’s already up and running provides a similar service. Travelers create a profile with the online company and link it to Twitter, Tripit, LinkedIn or Facebook. When they’re ready to go, they provide their flight information and choose a flying buddy.


“You can then make arrangements to sit together on the plane, have a coffee on the ground or share a cab home,” Planely’s website says. “Why? We believe that your fellow fliers are the greatest untapped resource of knowledge and entertainment on your plane journeys.” Hmm, more knowledgeable than my iPad? More entertaining than the lap dog in 23B? I think not.