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Travel gear: Clingo gives your gadgets sticking power

Special to the Los Angeles Times

If you’ve ever wished you had a third hand to keep your smart phone or MP3 player within easy reach while both hands are occupied, check out Clingo’s products, which  keep your on-the-go gadgets handy without an extra appendage.

Clingo, a division of Allsop Inc., in Bellingham, Wash., makes gadget holders with a  sticky green gel surface that grips devices without leaving residue when the device is peeled off.

Among its products are a swiveling universal podium for smart phones ($29.99); a parabolic sphere ($34.99) to enhance and amplify music; a car mount ($29.99); and a  game wheel ($19.99) Coming later this year: the Universal Wave ($39.99), designed to hold tablets (including iPads) and eReaders.

When the “stick to it” pad gets dirty, you clean it with soap and water and a lint-free cloth. (Avoid cleaning with paper products, which will stick to the surface.)

Caveat: The company says that some extremely textured, leather or silicone-based cases may not stick well and encourages iPhone 4 owners to use a case with Clingo holders (because the silicone-based coating on the back of iPhone may not stick well.)

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