Pier-hopping wooden coaster debuting at Morey’s Piers in 2013

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Los Angeles Times staff writer

A $12-million pier-spanning wooden roller coaster that will dive beneath the boardwalk and race across a cantilevered bridge before navigating a series of high-speed twists and turns is expected to open in 2013 at Morey’s Piers seaside amusement park on the Jersey Shore.

> Photos: New wooden coaster at Morey’s Piers on Jersey Shore

The Wildwood, N.J. waterfront park describes the new coaster as an “air in your face, down and dirty Jersey Shore experience.” The Morey brothers have yet to decide on a name for the new coaster: Jack likes Wildwoody while Will prefers Boardwalk Flyer.


The one-of-a-kind ride by Great Coasters International will top 50 mph and pull 4 Gs over 3,100 feet of track.

After climbing to the top of a 110-foot lift hill, riders will descend down a twisting first drop that dives beneath the Surfside Pier into a high-speed tunnel with a left-right surprise.

Rocketing back above the boardwalk, the Millennium Flyer-style trains will cross a pier-spanning bridge featuring a low camelback hill.

Inspired by the work of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the cantilevered bridge will look like the main sail on a boat with guy wires descending from a central spire.

On Hunt’s Pier, the twisting and turning coaster will take riders through a series of zero-G camelbacks and extreme banked turns before heading back across the bridge. For the finale, the train traverses a short bunny hop before plummeting into a tunnel that offers one last surprise dip.

The twister-style coaster joins more than 100 rides and attractions at the beachfront park, including the 1996 out-and-back Great White wooden coaster.


The new wooden coaster replaces two classic Morey’s Piers rides, the Wipe Out giant slide on the Surfside Pier that marked the start of the seaside park and the 1960 indoor Golden Nugget mine train coaster on Hunt’s Pier that was relocated to Knoebels in Pennsylvania as Black Diamond.

Family-run since 1969, the proudly tacky Morey’s Piers has been voted one of the world’s best seaside amusement parks by Amusement Today.

In 2010, the park added the $3-million Ghost Ship walk-through haunted maze with audio-animatronic monsters and 20 live “scareactors.”