Letters: Nelson, Canada, has fans at home and abroad

I was born in Nelson, Canada, but I left for my college education and return to the area annually.

My classmates still keep in touch through various websites, including Facebook. One of our alumni who lives in Tucson posted the link to Christopher Reynolds’ article [“In Living Color,” Oct. 16], and I also shared it after I read it. I have one friend from elementary school who now teaches English in South Korea so I sent it to her as well. We all love to get news from home.

I think Reynolds gave it pretty fair coverage. I always ride the ferry across Kootenay Lake; in the summer it is very busy and we often go as foot passengers on the big ferry to ensure that we come back on the next sailing. I have great memories of the area, and it has been fun to see the town change with the times.

Arlene Parker


Great story on Nelson. We’ve been here since ’94, and we think Reynolds captured Nelson perfectly in his writing. Huge thanks.

Fiona Richards and Doug Jones

Nelson, Canada

Regarding Carol Pucci’s article, “Maui Affordable? Yes” article [Oct. 23]: It has never been that one couldn’t find a good deal on any of the islands. Yes, it is expensive, but there are deals to be had on lodging, car rentals and restaurants.


The problem is the airfare. To fly into Kahului or Lihue can be more than $600 round trip (excluding taxes, bag charges). To Honolulu, it can be more than $500. Before a family of four even arrives on any island, they’ve spent $2,000 or more.

Who can afford it? The airlines have the entire tourist industry over a barrel.

Tina Little


Regarding Molokai [“Remote Beauty, Haunting Past” by Karen Leland, Oct. 23]: Thank you for such a well-written, moving article. I am planning a trip to Hawaii next year with my children. After reading Leland’s article, I have decided to add Molokai to our itinerary. I think it will be a valuable experience for us all.

N. Ghafur


In “Aloha, Hollywood” by Terry Gardner [Oct. 23], she left out “The Thorn Birds,” the 1983 miniseries that I believe used the cottages mentioned in her article.

Kathy Kuczynski

El Toro

Re On the Spot [“High-Flying Criers” by Catharine Hamm, Oct. 2]: Here is my story. I have been flying off and on for 50 years and never had a crying baby near me until I had my own granddaughter cry from Newark, N.J., to Los Angeles. My daughter would just get her to sleep, and an announcement would come from the cockpit and she would jump awake. I realize there may be no solution to the problem but wanted to give another perspective on crying babies.

Joanne Peterson

Ranchos Palos Verdes