It’s got the beat: This shirt is a recordable drum

Special to the Los Angeles Times

Talk about taking your show on the road.

The Electronic Drum Machine Shirt lets you get your rock star fantasies off your chest — by playing your chest. The shirt comes with a removable, battery-operated box that amplifies a range of nine built-in drum styles (called kits) when you tap on one of the eight “drum pads” and controls delineated on the wired-up rubber grid attached with Velcro to the front of the shirt.

Each “kit” has a choice of seven sounds that can be mixed and matched with sounds in other styles — such as rock, jazz, techno punk — and combined into loops.

You can layer additional beats onto loops to create a more complex rhythm, then record and play your masterpiece (up to three minutes long) by way of the recorder built into the amp.

The amp box has a metal clip for attaching to a belt or waistband and stashes into a pocket sewn into the bottom of the shirt. All the electronics come off for washing. It runs on four included AAA batteries. Y

You might not want to wear this shirt through airport security checkpoints, unless you first remove the electronic components.


The Electronic Drum Machine Shirt costs $29.99 at ThinkGeek. Info: (888) 433-5788.