Portable power when you’re on the road

I’m always looking for improvements in mobile power chargers that can handle my mix of USB ports on my growing herd of devices, and Bracketron’s new Universal USB Travel Power Kit manages to cover most of my wants.

The slim AC power plug folds neatly into its recessed base, so it won’t get bent during transport. The 3-foot charging cable is thick enough to last, and sprouts dual connectors, a micro USB plug that works with most of my electronics, and an attached 30-pin plug (for my iPhone and iPad) that piggybacks onto the micro USB plug. The little cable that attaches the 30-pin plug to the main cable looks a bit thin, but so far it’s holding up. The kit also comes with a compact 2.1-amp USB car plug (powerful enough to charge an iPad), but I would have liked dual ports on the car plug so I could use it to charge more than one device simultaneously. Also maybe a mini-USB connector for my GPS. Picky, picky.

Bracketron Universal USB Travel Power Kit is $39.95 at; (866) 237-4443.

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