Travelers can set sail with new website

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Sunsets, seafaring and ports of call. This website offers an endless ocean of daydreaming for travelers who can’t resist the wide-open sea — or the bikini-clad girls sunning themselves on the ship decks in the pictures.


What it does: It’s a planning and booking platform for chartered sailing vacations.

What’s hot: I did back flips when I clicked on “Who’s on Board?” and up popped a color-coded map of the ship that showed me which berths were available. I wasn’t expecting to have choices. Would I pick the berth closest to the bathroom in case I got seasick, or the berth near the bow? Even better is how organized the trips are. Every time I opened up the itinerary there were lots of details. And guess what? You can invite your friends. If you’ve already allocated your vacation budget for this year, this site may change your mind.


What’s not: Lots of the boat and travel photos seemed very marketing driven. I found myself hunting for real photos from travelers à la TripAdvisor. I can’t wait for this new site to catch sail and have more destinations. The ones so far are incredibly dreamy.