The doctor is in, and has much to say about traveling and eating

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Dr. Tomoko Kurokawa shares several passions: medicine, travel and food. She also writes compelling stories about her experiences and adventures on her blog, Tomostyle.

The family practitioner who lives in Los Angeles and Tokyo brings a fresh perspective on travel to places most of us never go. Her medical missions have taken her to wartime Liberia and post-quake Haiti where food often was in short supply.

And she has eaten things most of us would never try (more on that later). You can meet Kurokawa and learn some of her tips on what to eat where and the adventure of it all at the L.A. Times Travel Show on Feb. 23 and 24.


Among the things she has sampled during her time on the road:

“I have cracked open suckling piglet skulls to eat its creamy brains and brainstem,” she writes in a post titled Culinary Oddities. “I have sipped on warm turtle blood, poured straight into a cup from its jugular. I have chewed on live octopus legs, its powerful tentacles tightly gripping onto the insides of my cheeks. I have drunk warm camel’s milk, freshly hand milked from the teats of a West African desert camel.”

From the tone of her blog, exotic dining doesn’t faze her. She has also eaten “bugs, amphibians, mold, reproductive organs and appendages,” but Kurokawa also has a deep appreciation for food many of us find far more accessible.

Her favorite places in the world to eat? Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Paris and Barcelona, she said via email. And who can’t relate to that?

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