Las Vegas: Ping Pang Pong makes Travel + Leisure’s ‘best’ list


Travel + Leisure magazine has selected Ping Pang Pong of Las Vegas in its new list of best Chinese restaurants in the United States.

The restaurant, inside the Gold Coast Casino -- on Flamingo Road across from the Palms resort -- opened in 2001. It quickly became a favorite with the local Asian community, despite its location just a few blocks south of Sin City’s Chinatown, with its bevy of eateries.

Not surprisingly, several restaurants in the L.A. area also made the list (Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, Sea Harbour Restaurant, Chung King). The list also featured some restaurants in locations not necessarily known for a Chinese population, including Kansas City, Mo.; Richmond, Va.; and Burlington, Vt.


The magazine helped explain Ping Pang Pong’s success in its review: “No matter which region they’re from, Chinese in Vegas can likely find their hometown specialties here,” it said.

Particularly popular is the lunchtime dim sum, served from Cantonese pushcarts continuously wheeled through the restaurant. The carts are piled high with steaming plates of food. More than 40 items are offered each day.

Owner Karrie Hung noted that although diners in some Chinese restaurants order dim sum from menus, she prefers the traditional method.

“They can smell it. They can ask questions. It’s a different kind of experience,” she said.

Among the favorite offerings, Hung said, are the almond shrimp balls and the steamed pastry pockets with barbecued pork filling. Hung also serves coconut-filled sweet buns that take her back to her childhood years in Hong Kong.

Lunch, served from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., averages $15 a person. Dinner checks run around $25 a person.


The Gold Coast is at 4000 W. Flamingo Road. Info: (702) 247-8136.

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