Now you can fly to the Grand Canyon in a gold helicopter


Papillon Group, the tour company that flies from Las Vegas to locations such as the Grand Canyon, goes golden with one of its choppers. The golden helicopter joins the fleet on Thursday, April 16, to commemorate 50 years in business.

The chopper joins the regular rotation of aircraft that has grown from 23 to 75 in the past 20 years.

Papillon’s most popular packages travel to the Grand Canyon. One 4.5-hour tour lands on the floor of the Grand Canyon ($464 per person). Another four-hour tour makes a speedier trip to see the Grand Canyon ($344 per person). For those with seven hours on their hands, a tour lands 4,000 feet below the rim of the Grand Canyon and includes a pontoon ride on the Colorado River and admission to the Skywalk Bridge with its clear floors looking down on the canyon ($519).


The new golden helicopter will be blessed by the Hualapai Tribe before it joins the fleet. The tribe owns the property where Papillon lands at the Grand Canyon. Five helicopters will fly in formation to escort the new addition to Papillon’s Boulder City Aerocenter.

The new bird features a reversal of colors from Papillon’s other helicopters, with gold as the dominant color. It also gives a nod to the company’s history with a throwback to the original Grand Canyon helicopter logo designed by chairman and founder Elling Halvorson in 1965.

The cabin inside the Airbus H130T2 accommodates one pilot and seven guests.

Info: Papillon Group, (888) 635-7272