A shoutout for Mineral King Valley

If you visit Mineral King in the southern part of Sequoia National Park, beware of the marmots.
(Los Angeles Times)

I truly enjoyed Rosemary McClure’s story about Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks [“Fall Break for Awe, Adventure,” Sept. 1]. I have been visiting for more than 30 years, and it is my favorite place on Earth! One part of the parks that was not mentioned, but is also spectacular, is Mineral King Valley. If you can brave the 23 miles of twisting, narrow, partly unpaved highway, you will not be disappointed upon reaching the beautiful alpine valley. Beware the marmots!

Felicia Torres
La Crescenta

A healing trip to Bali

I went to Francisco Martinez’s article first thing when I looked at the L.A. Times [“Boldly Racing Toward Life,” Sept. 1]. Kudos to him for doing the right thing. I am losing my job of 31 years after 30 years with two wonderful bosses/friends with the same values. But change happens. The well written Indonesia story was the healing I needed. A motorbike trip isn’t in my immediate future, but I reminisced about Bali. Martinez reminded me that I have a rich life full of many friends and great family, and I live surrounded by beauty even without a job. And I too will get a better one. My heart is happy.

Katy Scott Moss
Laguna Beach