Letters: More on making the most (for the least) of a Santa Barbara weekend

The Boathouse on Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara has a good brunch if breakfast isn't included in your hotel stay.
(Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Regarding Santa Barbara and “Riviera Within Reason,” by Jessica Roy, Sept. 29: You might want to mention Arroyo Burro allows dogs, so if traveling with yours, it’s a great spot to take your pet if you go to the Boathouse. They even have dog washing stations to get off the sand.

Also the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach has an amazing brunch if breakfast isn’t included where you’re staying. A late-lunch salad or shared appetizers and a beer or glass of wine equal less than $25 per person. There’s also a super family-friendly, reasonable Mexican restaurant just down the beach, Shoreline Cafe, where food is “served sand-side.” You can sit in tables and chairs on the sand while your kids play in it!

Love Santa Barbara as a former resident and frequent returnee.

Billie Baron
Yorba Linda

Global Entry confusion

Thanks so much for the article “A Global Entry Slowdown” by Catharine Hamm (On the Spot, Sept. 29). My son applied months ago and when it never progressed from “pending” status, he sent an email. Their email response was not too different from the one Rep. Katie Porter (D-Irvine) received. Basically, it’s pending; just wait.


One thing the article didn’t address is that the only way to see if the application moves from pending to approved or conditionally approved is by checking the website. After checking weekly for four months, it is easy to forget to look. Separate from the whole backlog issue, I don’t understand why they can’t notify of a change in status (approved/conditionally approved/rejected) by email. Or at the very least to send an email to log in for updates.

It is just one more added annoyance to the whole frustrating process. I’m just thankful that they have offered an extension.

Thanks again for your informative article. It helped me to better understand my son’s frustrations and makes me grateful that I got my renewal approved last year.

Diane Liepins

Like others you describe, I applied to renew Global Entry in May and received provisional approval in September.

Because I fly every week, and TSA PreCheck is a big deal for me, I went to a Staples, which has PreCheck renewal. They interviewed me in minutes, and I got a Trusted Traveler number in a couple days. I just paid a new and separate $75, but I don’t have to worry about PreCheck for five years.

Only later did I learn I probably now have a 12-month grace period on the original Global Entry that I paid $100 to renew in May.

Bruce Quinn
Los Angeles