A Classic Arrives: Peter Luger Steakhouse to Debut in Las Vegas in 2023

LV Guide Fall 2022

With more than 4,000 restaurants in Las Vegas – and around 300 eateries just on the Strip – the competition to attract diners is fierce.

Caesars Palace alone offers 15 choices.

So, when that iconic luxury hotel unveils a brand-new restaurant, it’s got to be something truly extraordinary: Enter Peter Luger Steak House, opening at Caesars in 2023.

Declared an “American Classic” by the James Beard Foundation, Peter Lugar Steak House debuted in New York City in 1887 and eventually earned a Michelin star. Even though it opened several locations in the New York metro area, the Vegas venue will be its first ever domestic venture outside of the Big Apple.

“Peter Luger Steak House is one of the great New York dining experiences, providing world-class food and service for over a century,” says Sean McBurney, regional president for Caesars Entertainment. “We know our guests will love the opportunity to experience this legendary New York tradition in the heart of Las Vegas.”

Cherished by New Yorkers and tourists alike for its German beer-hall ambience with oak-top tables and gruff bow-tied waitstaff, Peter Lugar popularized the onsite dry aging of USDA prime beef under strict humidity, temperature and air circulation control.

LV Guide Fall 2022
(Michael Scott Berman)

The menu is deceptively simple, offering a signature Luger Burger and USDA Prime steaks, as well as lamb chops and fish in season. Most patrons order a side salad and platter of German fried potatoes. Among the traditional starters are jumbo shrimp cocktail and sliced tomatoes with Luger’s special dressing. Desserts include the restaurant’s famous apple strudel and “Holy Cow” hot fudge sundae.

According to Peter Luger president Amy Rubenstein, it was vital to replicate the New York experience offering in Vegas, including a similar old-world vibe and the same quality beef.

The original Peter Luger Steak House remains open for business in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. During its 135 years, the restaurant has witnessed the transition of the area from a mainly German blue collar immigrant population into the hip urban haven it is today.

Peter Luger opened a second location in Great Neck on the north shore of Long Island. And last October they added a swanky three-story version with 206 seats and a handful of private rooms in Tokyo’s Ebisu district.

Founded by German chef and restaurateur Peter Luger and originally known as “Carl Luger’s Café Billiards & Bowling Alley,” the restaurant eventually passed to his son Frederick, who switched to the current name to honor his father.

The Great Depression and the gradual evolution of the neighborhood hit the restaurant hard and Frederick put it up for auction.

The only bidders were Sol Forman and his business partner, who ran a metalwork company across the street. Both had been eating at the restaurant for years and often took their clients to lunch at Peter Luger.

Forman employed a retired USDA beef inspector to teach his wife Marsha how to choose the very best beef. She became very selective and only about 20% of the meat available from New York City wholesalers met her exacting standards. The cuts that Marsha selected were stamped to ensure that only those were cooked and served in the restaurant, a practice that continues to this day.

Peter Luger remains a family affair.

Current president Amy Rubenstein is Sol and Marsha’s daughter. Granddaughter Jody and great grandsons Daniel and David are also involved in the operation.

-Joe Yogerst, Vegas Guide Writer