Tijuana’s on-again-off-again mayor steps aside a second time

Arturo González Cruz, then the new mayor of Tijuana, walks into his office in October 2019.
(John Gibbins / San Diego Union-Tribune)

When Tijuana’s mayor first took office in October 2019, he said he asked city staff to remove his office door from its hinges to promote an “open door” policy for all.

Some might now say it was only to save Arturo González Cruz time for his official entrances and exits from his elected position.

The 66-year-old real estate executive announced Friday he would be stepping down a second time as mayor of Tijuana. González Cruz stepped away from the office in mid-October and then abruptly returned less than a month later.


“I have the responsibility to tell you clearly and directly. I will step down ... I am doing it for personal reasons and for motives that have to do with family matters,” said González Cruz in a video shared to his Facebook page.

González Cruz again named his education secretary Karla Ruiz MacFarland to serve as his replacement. Ruiz MacFarland served in the role during the mayor’s last departure from public office. She has not yet responded whether she would accept the responsibilities a second time.

Fry writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.