Read the transcripts of 911 calls after the Atlanta-area spa shootings

The facade of the spa in Acworth, Ga., where five people were shot
Shown is the facade of the spa in Acworth, Ga., where five people were shot.
(Mike Stewart / Associated Press)

The Atlanta Police Department has released the audio recordings of two 911 calls related to the spa shootings Tuesday evening that left eight people dead.

A 21-year-old man suspected in the slayings was arrested in southwest Georgia hours later. Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant said the investigation is still in its early stages.

Here’s the transcript of the 911 call placed from the scene of the Gold Spa shooting, where the caller was still hiding. The call came in at 5:47 p.m., and responders were dispatched within 38 seconds. They arrived at the scene at 5:49 p.m.

Atlanta Police Department interim Chief Rodney Bryant speaks at a press conference.
Atlanta Police Department interim Chief Rodney Bryant speaks about the spa shootings during a press conference Wednesday.
(Alyssa Pointer / Associated Press)

Dispatcher: [Inaudible.]

Caller: [Whispering.] 1916 Piedmont Road.

Dispatcher: Repeat the address?

Caller: Yeah, Gold Spa. [Inaudible.] Right now. So, can help me, come.

Dispatcher: OK. Repeat the address.

Caller: 1916 Piedmont Road.

Dispatcher: You need police, fire or an ambulance?

Caller: Huh?

Dispatcher: Police, fire or an ambulance?

Caller: I don’t know.

Dispatcher: Who do you need?

Caller: [Inaudible.] That guy, that’s why. Need police.

Dispatcher: It’s a robbery there?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatcher: OK. Is this a house, apartment or business?

Caller: [Whispering.] Gold Spa.

Dispatcher: I can’t hear you.

Caller: Gold Spa.

Dispatcher: OK. You have a description of the male?

Caller: [Inaudible.] Sorry. Thank you.

Dispatcher: Do you have a description of him, ma’am?

Caller: Hiding right now, that’s why.

Dispatcher: Is it a male or a female?

Caller: They have a gun, [Inaudible]. That’s why.

Dispatcher: They have a gun, you said?

Caller: Yeah. [Inaudible.] That’s why.

Dispatcher: Where’s he at in the building?

Caller: Um, this is Gold Spa.

Dispatcher: I know. Where is the person who is robbing the spa? Where is he right now?

Caller: [Whispering.] I don’t know, I’m hiding right now.

Dispatcher: OK. Did you have a description of him? Did you see him?

Caller: Oh, yeah. [Inaudible.]

Dispatcher: A white male? What is he wearing?

Caller: I don’t know. Please come, OK?

Dispatcher: What’s your name, ma’am?

Caller: My name [Inaudible.]

Dispatcher: OK. Alright, what room are you in?

Caller: [Whispering.] Thank you. Please.


Here is a transcript of a subsequent 911 call, placed by a woman who was not at any of the spas. The call came in at 5:57 p.m. Tuesday, and responders were dispatched within 37 seconds. They arrived at 6 p.m.

Caller: [Inaudible shouting]

Dispatcher 1: [Inaudible] What’s the address of the emergency?

Caller: Hi. 1907 Piedmont Road, Suite B.

Dispatcher 1: You said 910?

Caller: It’s called Aromatherapy Spa.

Dispatcher 1: You said 910 Piedmont Road?

Caller: 1907 Piedmont Road.

Dispatcher 1: 1907 Piedmont Road. And what was the suite number?

Caller: B. Suite B.

Dispatcher 1: Suite B as in Baker?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher 1: And you need the fire department, police or an ambulance?

Caller: Ambulance. Both of them. Because the ladies—

Dispatcher 1: Hold on, don’t hang up. Hold on one moment.

[Line breaks.]

Caller: Some guy came in—


Dispatcher 2: EMS, what is the address of the emergency?

Caller: 1907 Piedmont Road. That’s 1907 Piedmont Road NE, Suite B as in Baker.

Dispatcher 2: OK, just a second here. OK, and what’s the name of the location?

Caller: Aromatherapy Spa.

Dispatcher 2: Say the name one more time?

Caller: Aromatherapy Spa.

Dispatcher 2: OK and say the location, just to make sure I have it one more time on Piedmont Road.

Caller: 1907 Piedmont Road.

Dispatcher 2: And what is the phone number that you’re calling from, and what is your name?

Caller: My name is Mina.

Dispatcher 2: Say your name one more time.

Caller: Mina.

Dispatcher 2: OK, tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: I don’t know yet, but I just got a call from one of my friends. And they say, some guy came in, you know, we hear the gunshot, and you know, the ladies passed out, like, front of the door. And everybody’s there, so everybody’s hiding. So I don’t know what’s going on exactly, but I need the ambulance or something over there in that location please.

Dispatcher 2: OK, at this location — OK, I didn’t quite understand, but let me let my crew know. OK. OK, so what happened?


Caller: I don’t know exactly. I’m not there yet.

Dispatcher 2: Yes, ma’am.

Caller: Um. Um. But some guy came in and shoot the gun, so everybody heard the gunshot, and some ladies got hurt, I think. Everybody is scared so they’re hiding in the behind, but the ladies passed out.

Dispatcher 2: OK. So, let me just let everyone know what’s going on. And I understand you’re not there. OK, one second. [Pause] OK. Do you know how old she is?

Caller: She’s 60s. Somewhere around there.

Dispatcher 2: OK, is she awake? And we’re almost there, OK?

Caller: No, she’s passed out.

Dispatcher 2: OK and was she breathing?

Caller: I don’t know, I’m not there.

Dispatcher 2: Yes, ma’am, but you’re giving me some good information. Thank you so much. Bear with me. I understand you’re not there, and I’m going to put down “unknown” for the rest of the information. OK? Can you hear me?

Caller: Yes, yes, yes.

Dispatcher 2: Atlanta, go ahead and start [Inaudible].

Dispatcher 1: [Inaudible]

Dispatcher 2: OK, I’m 754.

Dispatcher 1: OK, thank you.

Dispatcher 2: Miss Mina? Thank you so much. Miss Mina?

Caller: Yes, yes.

Dispatcher 2: OK, I’m sending the paramedics to help you now. Stay on the line, I‘m going to tell you exactly what to do next. Let me ask you this, where did you say the people are hiding?

Caller: They behind the desk.

Dispatcher 2: OK. Inside the business?

Caller: Yes, inside the business.

Dispatcher 2: OK. OK.