Images of devastation emerge from Nepal earthquake


A devastating earthquake rocked Nepal on Saturday, toppling historic buildings in the capital, Katmandu, fracturing highways and triggering avalanches on Mt. Everest. By evening, police had placed the death toll at more than 1,400 with the number climbing by the hour.

In Thamel, a tourist district in Kathmandu, backpacking tourists walked in droves without a place to sleep for the night. People have resorted to sleeping outside without tents or blankets, said Santosh Sharma, an aid worker with the CARE relief agency.

"These are very difficult conditions for women, children and elderly people,” he said. “It’s very cold for them, and the aftershocks just keep coming for hours. Everyone is afraid to go indoors, so we will all sleep outside in the cold tonight.”

Here are some images from Nepal following the massive quake:

An avalanche hit above the most popular Mt. Everest base camp at the height of climbing season, killing at least 10 people and stranding others.

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