Woman gored at San Fermin: More women joining in the running of bulls

A woman was gored in the back at the San Fermin running of the bulls as 2013 proved to be a treacherous year for the legendary event.

The 23-year-old Australian woman, not yet identified by authorities, was gored Sunday, the final day of the bull run, according to the Associated Press. The incident followed a bloody run on Saturday, when 23 people were injured in a pileup at the entrance to the bullring. Two massive bulls leaped over the pile of people, according to the Herald Sun, “crushing runners under their hooves.”


The woman, whose condition was reported as serious Monday, was among at least five hurt Sunday. But her injuries were by far the worst. She was gored in the chest as she tried to escape over a wooden barrier, NBC News reported. She suffered fractured ribs and damage to a lung. Four others suffered cuts and bruises.

A woman being gored at the running of the bulls is extremely rare. This is only the fifth time it has occurred since 1974, when women were first allowed to run.

Until then women were barred by an 1867 edict prohibiting their participation. Even after the ban was lifted, Spanish-language news outlet reports, local authorities still worked to impede their entry onto the course.

More women, however, are finding their way in. So far, no women have been killed in the running of the bulls. The death toll since 1910 is 15 men. One among those suffocated as a result of a pileup of runners at the entrance to the bullring, as occurred Saturday. Most killed have died after they were gored.


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