What border walls look like around the world


Erecting barriers between nations is nothing new. Many countries have constructed them for protection or to stop migrants. Here is a look at some countries that have created a barrier or plan to construct one along at least a portion of their border.

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Various kinds of barriers along 653 miles of the 2,000-mile border. Here are the three most common types:



Turkey’s barriers consist of concrete slabs topped with razor wire.


India’s barriers are lower to the ground, layered with posts and wire fence, and rolls of barbed wire.

Israel - West Bank

Parts of Israel’s border have high, narrow concrete slabs topped with wire fencing.


In Belfast, Northern Ireland, “peace lines,” are made of wood boards, or corrugated panels and posts topped with wire fencing.


Morocco – Western Sahara

Morocco built a 1,700-mile berm consisting of stones and sand peaking at about 10 feet high. Barbed wire fences and landmines are also used.

Great Wall of China

The largest barrier ever built, it was constructed during the Ming Dynasty using stone, brick and wood. It didn’t prevent invaders, but it remains an impressive feat of engineering.

Who builds


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