Pope Francis in Mexico

Pope Francis traveled to Mexico Feb. 12-17, saying he wants to "live the faith" of the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country but will not shy away from confronting issues of violence and corruption that could make his governmental hosts quite uncomfortable.

On his flight back to Italy, the pope suggested that women threatened with Zika virus could use artificial contraception. He also siad that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is "not Christian" if he intends to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Pope opens the door to contraception in averting harmful effects of Zika virus

After ending a dramatic tour of Mexico, Pope Francis on Thursday seemed to open the door for limited use of artificial contraception, long prohibited by the

Pope Francis in Mexico updates: Forget the miter -- give the pope a sombrero!

Pope Francis' six-day swing through Mexico culminated today in Ciudad Juarez, where the pontiff presided over an emotional Mass at the U.S. border. Here is how the pontiff spent his last day in Mexico: A visit to a penitentiary A meeting with "the world of labor" at a local college A Mass at the Juarez fairgrounds A farewell ceremony at the airport Follow the Los Angeles Times' live coverage of the trip. Full coverage Photos Where the pope will visit

An unusual offering for a pope: the worn, dirty shoes of migrants

Father Javier Calvillo Salazar arrived at the site of Pope Francis' upcoming appearance carrying an unusual offering: a box full of migrants¿ old shoes, worn and dirty.

The journey of two families in two countries, split by a chain-link fence

Families separated by the U.S.-Mexico border gather during Pope Francis' visit to protest U.S. immigration policy.

Chiapas, little changed two decades after revolution, awaits Pope Francis

Two decades after Zapatista uprising, Chiapas, where the pope will visit, is still poor and underdeveloped.

Mexico City welcomes the pope: 'Francis, brother, now you're a Mexican!'

Pope Francis' first full day of his six-day visit to Mexico included a pair of highly symbolic public appearances ¿ in the Zocalo, the central plaza downtown, site of the colonial-era cathedral and once the hub of the Aztec empire; and at the famed basilica, where, according to Catholic belief, the Virgin Mary appeared in the year 1531 before Juan Diego, a Mexican indigenous peasant, in the nearby hills

5 major themes of Pope Francis' trip to Mexico

While in Mexicothe next five days, Pope Francis is expected to take up issues that have been of central concern to his papacy.

Los Angeles man traveling with Pope Francis will offer a simple gift - a shoeshine box

Los Angeles resident Noel Diaz, founder of El Sembrador Catholic TV station, is invited to travel with Pope Francis in Mexico.

'A new kind of pope' is making a pilgrimage to Mexico

On his visit to Mexico, Pope Francis can be expected to make a far different imprint than his European predecessors.

On the eve of Pope Francis' arrival in Mexico, not everybody is so welcoming

On the eve of Pope Francis' arrival in Mexico, not everybody is so welcoming

Where the pope will visit in Mexico

A series of maps looks at the places the pope will visit while he is in Mexico and the significance of each location.

Pope Francis plans a symbolically freighted trip to Mexico