Fliers who bring their own devices to watch movies want compensation

Airlines with 'bring-your-own-device' policies should pass along savings to passengers, survey finds

Airlines that ask passengers to bring their own laptop computers, tablets or smartphones to watch in-flight movies and television should pass on the airline’s savings to fliers.

That is the sentiment of an overwhelming percentage of passengers questioned about in-flight entertainment.

A survey by the technology start-up Osurv found that 87% of the 1,300 adult travelers questioned believe the “bring your own device” policy saves airlines money. And 94% of travelers say they deserve to benefit from the savings. About half of the passengers surveyed want free entertainment and more than a quarter are calling for cheaper airline fares. Others want a break from baggage fees.

“People expect that if they have to bring their own devices they should get some benefit,” said Daniel Abram, cofounder of Osurv.

The largest U.S. carrier with a BYOD policy is Southwest Airlines, which offers passengers who bring their own devices free access to 20 channels of live television.

But Southwest charges $8 per day for Wi-Fi access and $5 for movies.

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