It's fun to be a billionaire -- just ask a billionaire

Fun fact: The world's 1,826 billionaires are worth more than Germany

Here's what went down on Tuesday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Rich people. The annual Forbes list of billionaires is out, and, as usual, it's great news for billionaires. There's more of them -- 1,826, to be precise -- and about 10% are women. Bill Gates is still the world's richest dude. Basketball great Michael Jordan is now on the list. But the most interesting thing is that you put all these billionaires together and they're collectively worth about $7 trillion. That's roughly the same economic value as Germany.

Office food. Want to cheese off your colleagues? According to the Huffington Post, heating up fish in the microwave is the fastest way to stink up the workplace. And go easy on the hot dogs, kimchi and raw onions (duh). HuffPo also warns against office popcorn, but they're wrong about that one. The smell of freshly popped corn is a pleasant reminder that you're just one click away from loafing for a bit on YouTube.

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