Twitter seeks a full-time CEO, making Jack Dorsey an unlikely candidate

Twitter's board of directors offers update on CEO search process

It seems obvious, but Twitter’s board of directors isn’t interested in chief executive candidates who can’t give 100% to the San Francisco microblogging service.

The board is searching for a new Twitter CEO and announced Monday it will consider only candidates “in a position to make a full-time commitment to Twitter.”

That clarifies, somewhat, the role of Jack Dorsey, a Twitter co-founder whom the board brought in from another company to serve as interim CEO after former stand-up comedian Dick Costolo quit that job two weeks ago.

Dorsey runs another startup, payment processing company Square, and speculators wondered whether he might be picked to run Twitter, too. Now it looks like it will be one way or the other.

Only insiders know whether Dorsey is a serious candidate for the Twitter job. Board member Peter Currie, who heads the Twitter search committee, was quoted in the announcement saying the board has “utmost confidence” in  Dorsey’s “ability to lead the company on an interim basis while we identify a permanent CEO.”

Last week, Dorsey said in a statement that, “I’m Square CEO and that won’t change.”

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