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Join a chat with 'Silicon Valley's' Thomas Middleditch on Tuesday

Live-streaming chat with #SiliconValley star Thomas Middleditch (@Middleditch) on Tuesday

Thomas Middleditch has made a name for himself playing the guy perpetually doomed not to achieve a billion-dollar payday in HBO's "Silicon Valley."

As Richard Hendricks in the Mike Judge satire of the tech world, Middleditch plays on stereotypes with the mousy, reclusive demeanor. Yeah, he's sort of a genius, but completely incompetent. He has a knack for vomiting when under pressure and bungles in his attempts at being taken seriously as he gets his startup off the ground.

In person, the Canadian actor is far less socially awkward. And he'll stop by the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday for a live-streaming chat at 2 p.m. PDT.

We'll also be taking your questions, which you can leave in the comments section here or tweet to us using the hashtag #askLATimes. See you Tuesday, and in the meantime, take a look at our other Emmy Contender conversations.


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