Exclusive look inside AMC's new robot series 'Humans'

What happens when a family brings a robot into their home? Check out an exclusive sneak peak of the brand-new AMC andriod series "Humans."

Based on the Swedish show titled "Real Humans," this AMC adaptation takes place in the not-so-distant future where humanoid robots, referred to as "Synths," are the new, must-have gadget. Think of the Synths as the Apple Watch of our future, if the Apple Watch could take out the trash, cook dinner and raise your kids all while looking absolutely fabulous.

The series itself is primarily centered around a middle-class family that introduces the Synth named Anita (played by Gemma Chan) into their household. The father sees this Synth purchase as a way to lighten the load for his family, while the his wife sees Anita as a passive-aggressive move to replace her. And it probably doesn't help that Synth actress Chan has mastered the art of an unnerving smile.

Chan has a pretty good take on the pulse of this series, stating in the above clip: "I think it reflects loads of things about our relationship with technology. With our dependence on it and our ambivalence towards it."

The focus of the series truly seems to be on meshing the fantastical world of science fiction with the monotony of everyday life. And Derek Wax, executive producer, reinforces this ideal, "I want the viewer to hopefully, to see this not just as a futuristic fantasy, as a piece of escapist entertainment. But to see it as a recognizable world." 

"Humans" premieres on AMC June 28.


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