New 'Star Trek' trailer looks like a return to space high jinks and aliens

The brand new trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" is out, and already this movie looks like a departure from J.J. Abrams' previous "Trek" work. Check out the crew of the Enterprise on what looks like wild Federation mission. 

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Directed by Justin Lin of "Fast & Furious" fame, the third installment to the newly rebooted "Star Trek" franchise looks both fast and furious and (more important) covered with great crew moments. Anytime you can get Bones (now played by Karl Urban) grumbling into the camera, that's a big win for the "Trek" fans of the world. 

Hopefully Lin will find a way to keep the tension for the new "Trek" movies but release them from the darkness that the reboot has currently been embroiled in, a la "Star Trek Into Darkness." New aliens are always a good step forward. 


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