'Nimona' to be adapted into a film by Fox Animation

Noelle Stevenson's 'Nimona' will be adapted into a feature film by Fox Feature Animation

Nimona is preparing for another transformation.

Fox Animation is set to adapt the Web comic series as a feature film, Hero Complex has confirmed.

While the movie market is flooded with comic book adaptations, "Nimona" is very distinct from superhero titles such as "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that make up the majority of these films.

Set in a mash-up futuristic medieval world where both magic and science reign, "Nimona," created by writer and illustrator Noelle Stevenson, follows the titular shape-shifter and her supervillain mentor Lord Ballister Blackheart who is on a quest for noble vengeance.

"'Nimona' was a story that I felt very passionately about," Stevenson told Hero Complex in a previous interview. "I didn't want to compromise on the narrative for anybody. I just wanted to tell the story I wanted to tell and put it out there and have people read it and whatever would follow from that would follow."

Launched in 2012, the Harvey and Eisner Award-nominated "Nimona" was collected as a single volume that was released in May.

"Feast" director Patrick Osborne has been tapped to helm the adaptation, which will be penned by "Kubo and the Two Strongs" screenwriter Marc Haimes. Roy Lee and Adam Stone are attached to produce the project.

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