50 Cent's 2-year-old son makes more money than all of us

The 2-year-old son of rapper 50 Cent has landed a $700,000 modeling contract

Meet Sire Jackson, the adorable 2-year-old son of 50 Cent.

Unlike his rap star father, Jackson is finding work as a kiddie model. And barely out of diapers, he’s already making more than you -- and me, and everyone we both know.

In a recent interview on New York's Power 105.1, 50 bragged that his son scored a staggering $700,000 modeling contract to be the face of Kidz Safe, a company that makes headphones for little kids.

Repeat: headphones for children. Mercifully, they're only going for about $30, just 10% of the price tag on his dad's grown-up line with SMS Audio.

"I was getting ready to say, 'This is your college fund,' but I gotta handle that part and let him just have that," the rap mogul said during an interview with Angie Martinez.

Earlier this week the junior Jackson took to the runway during L.A. Fashion Week but became frightened and had to be carried down the runway by his model mother.

So let's recap: 50 Cent’s 2-year-old son is making more money than you, without even having to walk for it. Wonderful.

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