Aaron Paul tells Jimmy Kimmel 'Breaking Bad' will get even 'messier'

Aaron Paul tells Jimmy Kimmel 'Breaking Bad' will get even 'messier'
'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul on Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you're still peeling yourself off the floor after Sunday's gut-wrenching "Breaking Bad," then consider yourself warned: As series star Aaron Paul told Jimmy Kimmelon Wednesday night, things are about to get even worse as the series heads into its home stretch.

"You know this last week's episode was pretty messy," he said, in something of an understatement. "The final two episodes are so much more messier."  Uh-oh.

"How could that possibly be?" the host wondered. Paul didn't elaborate, but we shudder to think about what might be ahead.

Kimmel also asked about the surging popularity of the show, which is generating almost twice as many viewers as it did just a year ago.

Paul chalked it up to Netflix. "I mean people talk about it all the time and the people that don't watch the show are like, 'Oh my god, enough, just stop talking about this damn show,' and start watching it on Netflix," he speculated.

Though Paul, a prolific Twitter user with more than a million followers, delights in the excitement over "Breaking Bad," he is disturbed by one segment of his fan base: parents who let their young children watch the extremely violent series.

"How dare you, you psychos?" he said.  Apparently there are lots of Heisenbergs out there.


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