'Eastbound & Down' to end its run on HBO

We wanted to start off this post with an astute Powerism -- but, darn it, none of them were clean enough, so we'll just get to it: brusque comedy "Eastbound & Down" will, indeed, end its run on HBO after its upcoming fourth season.

Let out your best Kenny Powers expletive, if you wish.


The announcement from the network comes a day before production resumes in North Carolina on the eight-episode season. The third season wrapped in April 2012 and was rumored to be its last -- talk boosted by star/producer Danny McBride, who plays the crass former major league pitcher at the heart of the show, implying such.

But it looks like HBO used that whole "Listen here, you beautiful ..." speech to get McBride and fellow producers Jody Hill, Chris HenchyWill Ferrell and Adam McKay to give it one more go.

The final season will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10 p.m., leading into the series premiere of

Stephen Merchant

's "Hello Ladies." The network additionally announced

"Boardwalk Empire"

will return Sept. 29 at 9 p.m., serving as a lead-in to the comedy block.