Nickelodeon expands telenovelas for kids slate with three new series

Nickelodeon expands telenovelas for kids slate with three new series
The hit series "Every Witch Way" has been renewed on Nickelodeon for a fourth season. (Nickelodeon)

While the Spanish-language channels such as Telemundo and Univision have received much attention for their telenovela serial dramas, Nickelodeon has had success of its own with the daily scripted series for kids.

The channel just renewed "Every Witch Way" for a fourth season and "Max & Shred" for a second season. It also picked up three more daily scripted series, including an "Every Witch Way" spinoff titled "The W.I.T.s Academy."

"Every Witch Way" just completed its third season of 20 daily episodes in January and was the top-rated series in its timeslot. It stars Paola Andino was a teenage girl who moves to Miami and discovers she is the most powerful witch in existance.

"W.I.T.s Academy," the spinoff, will follow teenage Guardians, who oversee young witches and wizards in training at an academy and must decide who will grow up to be good and who will grow up to be evil. The series, along with "Every Witch Way," was created by former "General Hospital" writer Catharina Ledeboer.

Ledeboer also created another magic-themed series "Talia's Kitchen," which was been picked up for 40 episodes. The series follows another teenage girl who spends time in the kitchen of her family-owned restaurant and discovers her unique ability to magically infuse actual emotion into the dishes she cooks that provide customers exactly what they need.

Another new series "Make It Pop" follows three girls who are roommates at boarding school who come together to form a K-Pop inspired band and eventually become recording sensations. The series will feature original songs and performances in every episode and was co-created by Nick Cannon.

"Max & Shred" follows the adventures of two unlikely friends: Max, a celebrity snowboarder and Shred, a science whiz kid, who become roommates when Max moves to Colorado to train. The series recently ended its 26-episode first season.

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