What would Princess Diana think?: Bittersweet day as royal baby's name is revealed

The royal baby's new name is fit for a princess: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

But Britain's jubilant welcome of the newest addition to the royal family -- including bells at Westminster Abbey and the 41-gun royal salute -- was tempered by the bittersweet, that Princess Diana did not live to see this joyous moment.

The name is seen as a fitting way to honor Prince William's mother, the late Princess Diana, who died at age 36 on Aug. 31, 1997, after a high-speed car crash that took place in Paris as she was being pursued by the paparazzi.

Many took to social media to applaud the name choice and speculate on what might have been had Princess Diana survived the crash:

Princess Diana fans are also likely to have noticed something else when Prince William and Catherine (better known to the masses as Kate) stepped outside this weekend to introduce their new bundle of joy to the world.

Kate was wearing what was once Princess Diana's ring.

The 18-carat royal blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds was offered to Diana Spencer by Prince Charles when he asked her to marry him. After her death, Prince William offered the ring to Kate when he asked her to be his wife in 2010.

The newborn's name carries some additional pedigree.

Charlotte, seen as a feminine form of Charles, honors Prince William's father, while Elizabeth honors Prince William's grandmother, who is, of course, the current queen, Elizabeth II.

For those keeping track at home, the newborn would be fourth in line to the throne, after her grandfather, Prince Charles, her father and then her brother.

Did the royal birth make you think back to Princess Diana?


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