Master Class: Great chefs share tricks of the trade

At Rivera, modern takes on classic Latin dishes — taco cart optional

John Rivera Sedlar of Rivera explains his kitchen's modern takes on traditional Latin dishes such as tamales and tacos.

Sardines and mackerel: inexpensive, sustainable and dynamite

Master Class: Chef Michael Cimarusti of Providence says sardines and mackerel are fish for people who love fish. And they're inexpensive and plentiful. He offers advice and recipes.

Chef Nancy Silverton finds the secret of a great horseradish cream

Master Class: Chef Nancy Silverton fell in love with chef Suzanne Tracht's horseradish cream. She found the secret, and now she's taking the lid off it.

Master Class: John Sedlar (Rivera) learns to grow his own

On land in Mexico and a rooftop garden in Los Angeles, Rivera chef John Sedlar grows his own agave, lettuces, herbs and more.

Chef Thomas Keller on making caviar pop at your party

Master Class: Chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry and Per Se talks about the different kinds of caviar, at different price levels, and how to make a great presentation.

Chef Michael Cimarusti brings the heat to baked shellfish

Master Class: As good as raw oysters and clams are, properly cooked shellfish has a stronger flavor worth enjoying. Here are some tips for preparing and cooking both kinds of shellfish.

Chef Sang Yoon's 'numb-hot' dandan noodle dish emerges from trials by fire

Chef Sang Yoon spent years perfecting his recipe for

Master Class: Chef Thomas Keller explores ratatouille's possibilities

Chef Thomas Keller explores ratatouille's possibilities. Made with summer's fresh garden vegetables, ratatouille can be a basic stew, a cold soup and more.

'Love me some anchovies?' Yes!

You probably like anchovies more than you think; they often play an essential hidden role, especially in fish sauce

Master Class: For Valentine's Day dessert, try Pomme d'Amour

Chef Thomas Keller (the French Laundry, Bouchon) recommends Pomme d'Amour — simple and simply elegant — as a Valentine's Day dessert. He shares how to make it.

Master Class: Chef Michael Cimarusti pries open the basics of clam chowder

Providence chef Michael Cimarusti pries open the basics of clam chowder in this Master Class. It's a dish as varied as the memories it can evoke.

Getting rough with puff pastry

Forget classic puff pastry for

Master Class: Thomas Keller explores Thanksgiving leftovers

Chef Thomas Keller encourages cooks to rethink Thanksgiving leftovers. He comes up with a Thai-influenced soup with the turkey and a

Pig ears? They're seriously tasty

Chef Sang Yoon champions the pig ear in all its sweet, rich porkiness. Try it fried, boiled or in a

A fresh take on the frittata: Master Class

In this pretty frittata, slow-cooked eggs make a soft-thin base for toppings.

Master Class: Michael Cimarusti on brined halibut

Providence chef Michael Cimarusti gives a Master Class on brining. He demonstrates the technique with a brined halibut that's then grilled.

Master Class: A soup snob's eye-opener, courtesy of Alain Chapel

Thomas Keller of Per Se and the French Laundry thought soups were dull, until Alain Chapel showed him otherwise.

Master Class: Sang Yoon on pressure cookers

Chef Sang Yoon finds many benefits from using a pressure cooker. It can make tough meat cuts more tender, it can reduce cooking times, it can make sauces and stocks richer, and more.

Master Class: Tom Colicchio on salt-roasting

Chef Tom Colicchio gives a Master Class on salt-roasting fish. It's an ancient method that imparts flavor and moistness.

Braising is an ideal way to savor the season

Add a hearty and soul-satisfying weight to your cooking repertoire with braised meat dishes that are simple and savory.

Master Class: Gnocchi by Tom Colicchio

'Top Chef' judge Tom Colicchio explains how to make gnocchi like at his Craft restaurants.

Nancy Silverton leads a master class in salads

Mozza's Nancy Silverton loves salads but finds that restaurants don't always give them proper attention. She shares tips so that home cooks won't do the same.

Master Class: Chef Nancy Silverton explains how to make focaccia

Nancy Silverton (La Brea Bakery) explains how to make focaccia the southern Italian way.

Master Class: Ketchup (hold the tomatoes)

Sang Yoon doesn't serve ketchup at Father's Office but likes to experiment with non-tomato varieties at home.

Sous-vide cooking gives chefs an option

Cooking in a water bath can be done at home in a picnic cooler, but be careful to maintain temperature.

Master Class: Tom Colicchio on thinking outside the vinaigrette box

Flavor combinations are nearly endless and make for fabulous summertime marinades for meat, fish. "Master Chef's" Tom Colicchio gives tips on how to use vinaigrettes beyond the salad plate.

Thomas Keller: A chef for all seasons

Thomas Keller, the culinary wizard behind the renowned French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, Calif., offers tips on how to improve dishes with the proper use of seasonings.