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Case Study House No. 22, by the numbers


The most offered to the Stahl family to sell their iconic Case Study House No. 22. (The family declined.)


Cost of a vintage photograph of Julius Shulman's "Case Study House #22" (1960) at Craig Krull Gallery. (Prints made in the 1990s under Shulman's instructions: $17,000 to $20,000.)


Price to build the Hollywood Hills home in 1959, excluding pool ($3,651).


Cost of the narrow lot in 1954.


Day rate for a film company to rent Stahl house for a day in 2009. (Lower rates for parties.)


Number of square feet in the two-bedroom, three-bathroom house.


Degrees of unobstructed mountain-to-ocean view one sees from the living room.


Number of times Case Study House No. 22 has been built: first by architect Pierre Koenig, then again in 1989 when Craig Hodgetts and Ming Fung designed a full-scale model for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's exhibition "Blueprints for Modern Living: History and Legacy of the Case Study Houses."


Number of days it took for the glass house's steel frame to be erected.

-- Barbara Thornburg Sources: Stahl Trust; "Iconic: Stories of L.A.'s Most Memorable Buildings" by Gloria Koenig; "Koenig" by Neil Jackson; "Pierre Koenig" by David Jenkins and James Steele; "Case Study Houses" by Elizabeth A.T. Smith; and Craig Krull Gallery

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