Reader Photo: Darth Vader visits Joshua Tree National Park, er, Tatooine

Catherine Lacey Dodd’s son’s birthday and Halloween fall around the same time of year. Earlier this month, they engaged their imaginations and their love of all things “Star Wars,” and headed out to Joshua Tree National Park.

“For my boys, both the visuals and score of ‘Star Wars’ are inextricably linked and it’s an amazing experience having my sons embrace accessible classical music in their heads whilst reenacting characters from the movies,” Dodd said. 

With the park playing the role of Tatooine, Dodd’s son donned a Darth Vader costume, and the sunset accentuated the image of the tiny Dark Lord.

Dodd used a Canon 5D Mark III and a wide-angle Tokina 16-28mm lens to create the image.


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