Essential California: Farmers in a giving mood

Good morning. It is Saturday, May 23. Here are some stories you don’t want to miss this weekend:

Delta farmers cut supply: State water officials accepted a proposal from farmers that they voluntarily cut their water supplies 25% to avoid harsher restrictions. It applies only to farmers whose property has direct access to a stream. Participation in the plan is voluntary. Los Angeles Times

Assessing spill’s damage: Scientists assessing the damage from an oil spill in Santa Barbara say the environmental effects will probably be felt for years. Oil will probably be dispersed into the ocean’s food chain, lingering for years or even decades. Los Angeles Times

Climate change: Everything about Los Angeles, whether it's water or sprawl or cars, puts pressure of the ecosystem. “We pioneered an energy-guzzling lifestyle for the masses and taught the world to follow our lead. Now a parched, endless summer is our punishment.” New York Times

Terrorism charges: One of two Orange County men arrested on terrorism charges was planning to fly to the Middle East and join the Islamic State, according to new court filings. Federal agents followed the two men, ultimately listening in on phone calls during which the two expressed their desire to become martyrs. Los Angeles Times

Election days: In L.A., turnout for a mayoral election peaked in 1969. Similar declines in voter turnout can be seen in other major cities. City Lab

New minimum wage: Now that Los Angeles has embraced a higher minimum wage, the mayor of nearby West Hollywood says she wants her city to push hourly wages beyond $15. “I would like to see us move on it very quickly,” Lindsey Horvath said. 89.3 KPCC

Risky moves: BASE jumper Dean Potter spent his life trying to “fly,” but the difference between what he did and what other men did when they tried to take on air and space all comes down to risk. “To call it a sport is charitable. It’s death-courting. Odds are with death.” New York Times

Disneyland anniversary: A woman who was there the day Disneyland opened is such a fan that she is back for the park’s 60th anniversary. Joann Stanton camped out overnight so that she could be there when the park opened at 6 a.m. Friday. She plans to attend the opening of a Disney park in Shanghai next year. Orange County Register

Baseball rivalry: Assemblyman Bill Dodd carried a broom to the legislative session Friday. It was a reminder of the San Francisco Giants’ three-shutout series sweep of the L.A. Dodgers. Los Angeles Times

Live music: Mapping out the best music venues in the Southland. Los Angeles Times


This week’s most popular stories in Essential California

  1. Rep. Loretta Sanchez apologized after video showed her imitating a Native American “war cry.” Los Angeles Times

  2. Even if you don’t live in California, you are contributing to the state’s continuing drought. New York Times

  3. Take a video tour of the Playboy Mansion with someone who grew up there. Business Insider

  4. These eight photos show the effects of Los Angeles’ development boom. Curbed LA

  5. A new species of ocean pill bug was discovered near the Port of Los Angeles. City Lab


ICYMI, here are this week’s Great Reads

New superstar: At the age of 64, Krisha Fairchild is an unlikely breakout star at the Cannes Film Festival. “Sudden celebrity is a rare epilogue for failed actors, who normally disappear from the collective consciousness sometime after the third Hallmark Channel movie.” Los Angeles Times

Choosing death: In San Pedro, a woman living with ALS is also fighting for her chance at a dignified death. “I know how I want to live and know that that life is no longer possible. The right to die should be my right,” Angie Bloomquist said. Los Angeles Times

Poker face: Can a computer program developed at Carnegie Mellon University beat some of the world’s best poker players? Los Angeles Times


Looking Ahead

-- Monday is Memorial Day.

-- The Los Angeles premiere of the California earthquake extravaganza “San Andreas” is Tuesday at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.


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