For the record

Armstrong books: A book review of "Cycle of Lies" in the March 23 Arts & Books section said author Juliet Macur had dismissed early accusations against cyclist Lance Armstrong as a "distraction." Macur says it was an Armstrong team staffer who characterized the allegations as a distraction, a detail she included in a 2005 article.

Catalina Island Museum: In the March 23 California section, an article about a new Catalina Island Museum in the harbor community of Avalon misspelled the last name of the facility's executive director, Michael De Marsche, as De Marshe.

California Republicans: An article in the March 23 California section about the GOP strategy for winning legislative elections this year said no Republican has held statewide office in California since 2006. It should have said no Republican has been elected to statewide office since 2006.

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