For the record

Saudi King Salman: In the Jan. 24 Section A, an article about King Salman, the new ruler of Saudi Arabia, said that he was reported to have Alzheimer's disease. The Times has no independent evidence of the king's mental health. Lawyers for the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia assert that such reports are untrue and have "not a shred of evidence to substantiate" them.

Chinese arts donors: In the Feb. 19 Section A, an article about arts groups courting Chinese American donors referred to Jennifer Cheng as the chair of the Irvine Barclay Theatre. She stepped down from the post in 2014 and was succeeded by Robert Farnsworth.

"Virunga": In the Feb. 5 issue of The Envelope, an article about the Oscar-nominated documentary "Virunga" said that one of the film's subjects, British energy company SOCO International, could not be reached for comment. The article included information from the company's website, but The Times did not contact SOCO for a response.

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