For the record

Balcony collapse: Two articles in the June 17 Section A about the deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley misspelled victim Olivia Burke's name as Oliva.

Movie Projector: In the June 17 Business section, a photo caption that accompanied an article about the expected box-office sales of "Jurassic World" referred to actress Bryce Dallas Howard as Bryce Dallas.

PennySaver: In the June 18 Business section, an article about the closing of coupon mailing firm PennySaver USA said that workers are suing company owner OpenGate Capital and its managing partner, Andrew Nikou. Nikou was not named as a defendant.

Arts philanthropy: In the June 17 Calendar section, an article about Giving USA's annual report on charitable contributions said that Americans' donations to arts and culture rose 9.4% in 2014. The correct figure is 9.2%.

Garcetti trip: In the June 16 Section A, an article about Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's trip to a Washington, D.C., fundraiser as the city braced for a police commission ruling in the shooting death of Ezell Ford said that the maximum individual contribution for the 2017 mayoral campaign is $1,300. It is $1,400.

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