Palm tree trilogy

Cruise along Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, and it's hard to miss the abandoned hotel, billboard and palm trees that have been covered in a glossy whitewash. 

It's all part of an art project called "Projection," a temporary installation by Vincent Lamouroux that attempts to revive the long-vacant Sunset Pacific Motel -- known locally as the Bates Motel -- into public art.

Reader Andrew Oxenham visited "Projection" with friends for the installation's public opening on April 26.

"I was really taken with the two different types of palm trees against the blue California sky," he said. "It was very stark, and I liked it."

Though the photo looks simple, its composition required some thought. He carefully angled his shot in a way that captured the trees in descending order. 

The Bates Motel will eventually be demolished to make way for new apartment buildings. 

"I think it's important that cities allow creative things to happen to the architecture and vegetation of their city," Oxenham said. "Cookie-cutter places have no life, no character, but exhibitions like this help change things up."

Oxenham made this photo using a Canon 70D with an 18-135mm lens.

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