Janet Napolitano says she never sent email, texts as Cabinet secretary

UC President Janet Napolitano avoided email, texts when she ran Homeland Security agency

University of California President Janet Napolitano said she steered clear of email while serving in President Obama's cabinet, a topic that has dogged Hillary Clinton as she prepares for a potential presidential campaign.

Napolitano was the Homeland Security secretary before taking over the UC system in 2013.

"I didn't do email. At all," she told reporters at an event on Tuesday outside the Capitol.

She said she didn't send any texts either.

Asked if she avoided emailing and texting because of security concerns, she joked, "It certainly has made my life simpler now."

Clinton has been criticized for using a private email account while serving as secretary of state, rather than using the official government system. She held a news conference Tuesday in New York to defend her communications.

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