Police capture wanted man thanks to his Ice Bucket Challenge video

Omaha police capture fugitive after his Facebook posts of himself doing Ice Bucket Challenge

Seems the hugely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is good for charity and, in Omaha, good for catching fugitives.

Jesean Morris, 20, was arrested Friday on an outstanding warrant after authorities were able to track him down thanks to the video he posted on Facebook of himself taking the Internet challenge meant to raise awareness and funds to combat Lou Gehrig's disease, the Journal Star reported.

The nature of the warrant is unclear.

A tip led police to Morris after the video was posted online, according to the Star.

Morris was on parole for a 2010 attempted sexual assault conviction.

When contacted by officers, Morris gave police a false name and spat in one officer’s face, according to the Star.

Calls to Omaha police for additional comment were not returned. 

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