On the third day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention:

President Obama drew a strong contrast between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tonight, targeting what he sees as Trump's inability to serve as commander in chief.

• Vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine used his speech to excoriate Donald Trump and lift up Clinton, offering remarks in both English and Spanish

• The Wikileaks-DNC email release still looms over the convention and early in the evening the organization released voicemails harvested by hackers from the Democratic National Committee

• National security was the main theme of the day, and Donald Trump took an extraordinary step ahead of the program, calling for Russia to steal Hillary Clinton's emails.

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How does the list of Democratic convention speakers compare to the GOP's?

The list of scheduled speakers at the Democratic National Convention is nearly twice as long and more diverse than the Republican National Convention last week. Here's how the speakers at both conventions break down:

The DNC Convention has 133 speakers total. Out of the full list of speakers, 43% are women and 44% are nonwhite, compared with 35% women and 20% nonwhite at the RNC Convention. 

Speakers at the Democratic National Convention

Speakers at the Republican National Convention

Note: These totals do not include the presidential and vice presidential candidates for both parties.

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