• Donald Trump wins in Arizona, dashing Ted Cruz's hopes there
  • Hillary Clinton also wins in Arizona, the biggest prize of the night on the Democratic side
  • Bernie Sanders scoops up caucus victories in Idaho and Utah
  • Ted Cruz has such a strong showing in the Utah GOP caucuses he won all 40 delegates at stake
  • Long waits to vote were reported in all three states

Full results from tonight's contests

These decisive victories in Idaho and Utah give me confidence that we will continue to win major victories in the coming contests.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, in a statement after his caucus wins in Idaho and Utah.

Ted Cruz wins Utah Republican caucuses

Ted Cruz won the Utah Republican caucuses, advancing his effort to block front-runner Donald Trump from securing a majority of presidential nominating delegates before the Republican convention in July.

The Texas senator’s victory in the heavily Mormon state came after 2012 GOP nominee and Utah resident Mitt Romney urged Republicans to back anyone but Trump as part of the GOP establishment’s fight to stop the New York billionaire from clinching the nomination.

Bernie Sanders wins Idaho's Democratic caucuses

Bernie Sanders won Idaho's Democratic caucuses, according to new projections.

The victory helps him end a streak of defeats to Hillary Clinton that had some wondering how long he would remain in the hunt for the Democratic nomination.

Arizona races are called, but voters stay in line

Bernie Sanders wins Utah's Democratic caucuses over Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders won Utah’s Democratic caucuses, according to new projections.

The victory helps him end a streak of defeats to Hillary Clinton even as she builds a large lead in the number of delegates needed to secure the party’s presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton blasts Republicans on national security

With the attack in Brussels refocusing the presidential campaign on the issue of terrorism, Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that Republicans would make the country less safe.

“In the face of terror, America doesn’t panic," she said in a high school gym in Seattle. "We don’t build walls or turn our backs on our allies.”

Clinton sharply criticized the leading GOP candidates for their national security proposals, which involve barring Muslims from the country, scrutinizing Muslim neighborhoods or scaling back America's involvement in international alliances. 

“What Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. It will not keep us safe," she said. "This is a time for America to lead, not cower. We will lead, and we will defeat terrorism.”

Clinton won Arizona's primary on Tuesday, pushing her closer toward winning the Democratic nomination. 

"It was exciting to see that result come in," she said.

Arizona loss does little to shake up Sanders' script

Bernie Sanders hewed closely to his campaign script Tuesday, straying little from his stump speech at a San Diego rally to acknowledge the night's primary contests.

The Vermont senator started his speech with a familiar riff on the durability of his upstart campaign.

“When we began this campaign, we were considered a fringe candidacy,” he said.

"Well, 10 months later, we have now won 10 primaries and caucuses," he added, "and unless i'm very mistaken, we're going to win a couple more tonight."

His rival, Hillary Clinton, notched a victory in Arizona earlier in the evening. Sanders spoke before the results of the Democratic caucuses in Utah and Idaho were determined.

The Arizona loss was a significant setback for Sanders, who campaigned heavily in the state. Instead of mentioning the result directly, he emphasized the large crowds at Tuesday's polling places.

"When we began this campaign, we talked about the need for millions of people to get involved in the political process," he said. "Tonight in Utah, tonight in Idaho and tonight in Arizona, there are record-breaking turnouts in terms of voters."

Sanders kept to his familiar campaign themes: calling for a more equitable economy and an overhaul of the campaign finance system.

On the latter point, Sanders took a few swings at Clinton, showing no inclination to lay off the Democratic front-runner even as she builds her delegate lead.

"What we showed is you can run a national campaign without begging billionaires for their money," Sanders said. 

"Secretary Clinton has chosen to go a different route," he added, dinging her for being the beneficiary of Wall Street donations.

Sanders spoke before a crowd of thousands at the San Diego Convention Center, where supporters lined up hours before the senator was scheduled to speak.

Bernie Sanders supporters on Brussels: Give peace a chance

Marco Rubio getting votes in Arizona

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was receiving almost one-fifth of the vote in Arizona, likely thanks to early voting that started Feb. 24. 

Donald Trump won the state and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz finished in second place.

Rubio exited the presidential race on March 15 after losing his home state of Florida to Trump. In recent days, Cruz has worked feverishly to corral the Florida senator's supporters. 

Here in California, where the state's June 7 primary is becoming more important as the race continues on into the spring, Rubio and former candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Chris Christie will still appear on the ballot.

The scene outside the Sanders rally

 (Hayne Palmour IV / SDUT)
(Hayne Palmour IV / SDUT)

Our colleagues at the San Diego Union-Tribune have been covering Sen. Bernie Sanders' event at the convention center.  

There is a colorful cast of characters, including someone who sells “Feel the Burn Kimchi” and donates some proceeds to the campaign. 

Watch: Bernie Sanders speaks on primary night

Hillary Clinton wins Arizona Democratic primary

Hillary Clinton won Arizona’s Democratic primary, according to new projections, giving her a victory in the state that had the most delegates up for grabs in Tuesday’s voting.

Her win is a blow to rival Bernie Sanders, who campaigned heavily in the state in hopes of breaking his recent streak of losses to Clinton.

Donald Trump wins Arizona’s Republican primary

Donald Trump won Arizona’s Republican presidential primary, extending his lead over rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the race for the Republican nomination.

Arizona’s winner-take-all contest gave the New York billionaire 58 delegates, the biggest prize on the party’s election calendar until his home-state primary April 19.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz tussle on Twitter over wives

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren't just competing at the ballot box Tuesday. They're also duking it out on Twitter -- in notably personal terms.

Trump launched the first salvo Tuesday evening, prompted by an attack ad featuring a racy photo of his wife, Melania, that was circulated in Utah. (He actually tweeted the message once, then deleted it and reposted to add his signature "Lyin' Ted" jab).

In fact, the Facebook ad was produced by an anti-Trump super PAC, not the Cruz campaign. Cruz responded that he was not behind the ad and made clear he was not thrilled with Trump's vague threat to "spill the beans" on Cruz's wife, Heidi.

Meanwhile, the strategist behind the Melania ad, which was aimed at Mormon voters who may not look kindly on the salacious pictures, chimed in to claim credit.

West Hollywood mayor joins others from around the country in denouncing Trump

Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton for opposing torture

 (Tasos Katopodis / AFP/Getty Images)
(Tasos Katopodis / AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night for saying the United States should not torture terrorism suspects.

“Incompetent Hillary doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Trump told Fox News just as the Arizona presidential primary vote count was starting. “She doesn’t have a clue.”

Trump said Belgian authorities should have put Salah Abdeslam, the top suspect in the November terrorist attacks in Paris, “through the wringer” when they captured him last week. At least 30 people were killed Tuesday in twin bombings in Brussels.

“If they would have put him through the grill 10 minutes after they captured him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped this horrible terror attack that took place today,” Trump said.

Clinton, who plans to make a speech on counter-terrorism Wednesday at Stanford University, has argued that torture does not make America safer from terrorism.

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